Hidden Waterfall Reveals Itself

If I’m flying near my house on the way out or in (I live towards Lake Tahoe from my home airport of Placerville), I’ll sometimes spend some time exploring from the air. That is how I found a fantastic wildflower meadow just a few miles away that not one of my neighbors or I knew about.

In this case, about 10 miles away, I found a waterfall. I could tell there were some significant cliffs involved so I decided it would be worthwhile checking it out on the ground. It took me a while to hike around and find it (turns out there was a road much nearer than where I started hiking), but I did find it. It is a wonderful spot, and I couldn’t believe there are very few people that know of it.  I’ve run across one person – turns out local search and rescue did a body recovery there.

We had some fun there this summer taking friends and family there. Betsy even did some “California Canyoneering” by rappelling into a inaccessible pool of water while I hiked up the bluff on the other side to take some photos.

Turns out there was a rattlesnake in the pool with her so she wasn’t super comfortable.

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