The Airplane

I have a Cessna T210 Centurion, a six seat turbocharged non-pressurized single engine airplane.  I have removed the two back seats, so really its a four seat plane with plenty of room.  It will carry 1,200 pounds of stuff half way across the country (thus the title, “West Coast Flying Adventures”), getting about 16 MPG at a lean cruise setting, moving about 200 MPH over the ground.  Its a great platform for what I like to do, and there are not many planes that can carry a load as fast and efficiently as the 210 can.

Lee Vining Airport

I’ve gotten a LOT of stuff in there, although I’m always careful to weigh everything if its going to be a full load.

Backpacking in the Tetons

The most I’ve filled it with?

  • Two guys, three bikes and full camping gear for Burning Man in the Nevada desert
  • My family of four, full camping gear, traveling luggage and climbing gear for a Canada vacation
  • Four guys, tools and stuff for a week long working  vacation in the Navajo Indian Reservation

It does handle differently with a full load, and I have to remind myself not to panic if the plane isn’t off the ground at the normal take-off point.  Most trips its just me, or myself and my business partner and maybe a couple of bikes – although I do carry a pretty good size survival kit.

Fueling up

5 thoughts on “The Airplane

  1. Peterson Conway April, 2011 — 8:47 pm

    Hi, great site!

    like many of your fans..another than fashions himself in your image…

    I spend a lot of time on a bike and flying for a combination of business and adventure; also with my young family. We live in Carmel. We are putting in an airstrip in our cabin on the edge of the ventana wilderness with a bombing mt bike ride into some hot springs. thought you might like to connect on that. another friend, the famous Tom Ritchey (yes, of bikes) also has a strip in far northern california. Anyway, connect if you like. I’d like to keep hearing of your fun. peterson

    1. Hi Peterson,

      Look for a private email. Geesh, what is not to like about an airstrip with a mountain bike ride to some hot springs? In central California? You are pulling my leg because that can’t be. Doesn’t exist…. Does it?

      Thanks for the comments – Ney

    2. Hi Petersen,

      I’m a big fan of Ney and Betsy, a pilot and road/mountain biker, though not agro. I try to combine flying with biking and hiking as often as possible. I split my time between the Bay Area and Mammoth. Would like to connect if you happen to see this. Drop me an email. Thanks!

      Derek Johnson

  2. This is an awesome website! Googled California adventure flying and found this! Would like to connect with all the Cali pilot adventurers!

    Sonia Sani

    1. Hi Sonia,

      Funny how we could miss each other on the web all these years. I just checked out some of your videos – very nice, very creative, and I know how hard that is to do. If you like, send me your address (ney@ne*.com) and I’ll send you my west coast flying adventure book – I think you’ll like it. (I’ll be gone in the backcountry for two weeks so I can’t respond until I get back in mid August). – Ney

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