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I’ve written two “Fifty Classics” books. One is an aviation themed book for pilots. The other is an adventure guide for active families. The family book is written but not yet published. To help get it published, please sign up below to show interest in the book – it helps me draw the attention of the big publishers.

Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots

Epic Adventures, Romance and Outdoor Fun in the Western USA

Targeted to pilots with a sense of adventure. Includes easy paved destinations like Shelter Cove in California or Escalante in Utah, but also includes some exciting dirt adventures such as Burning Man / Black Rock Desert in Nevada and the Chicken Strip in California.

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Fifty Classic Family Adventures

Epic Experiences your Family will Never Forget

An adventure book with both easy (houseboating, mule supported camping) as well as challenging (canyoneering and rock climbing) outdoor experiences. This book focusses on the major National Parks of the west as well as popular adventuring areas Lake Tahoe, Bishop / Mammoth and Bend / Central Oregon.

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Please help me get the Family Adventure book published by signing up below. I will not bug you.

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