Aerial Wildflower Search

I was returning from somewhere and decided to fly over our house and look for the wildflower meadow and my wife and I sometimes run past in the spring.  It is a natural “lava cap” meadow that has only a few inches of topsoil over ancient lava, which prevents larger plants from growing but which supports some nice wildflowers in the spring.

What I found from the air was a much larger meadow, only three miles from our house!  A secret meadow that at least none of our neighbors knew about, and I’m sure very few others.

I circled and spotted a pile of large rocks sitting next to a dirt road I knew of, and immediately upon landing drove out and found the pile of rocks, and shortly found the meadow (I could have created a GPS way point, but I was already circling and this seemed easier).

These photos are from that meadow.  The last photo isn’t – but I like it.

Flowers 169-1 (Large)

Flowers 1 169-1 (Large)

Big Hill Pano-1 (Large)



2 thoughts on “Aerial Wildflower Search

  1. great use of GA! now you have me curious – I’ll need to the same on my next flight out of PVF

  2. Beautiful little post – like poetry

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