Seven Days in Valhalla BC

My plane went into annual at the end of November and needed three cylinders reworked (exhaust valve was low in one and starting to get low in the others). Now, over three months later I’m still waiting. The turbo controller is being overhauled right now. Shoot, after all this I wish I had gone ahead and done all six cylinders.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our trip to a backcountry ski lodge in BC Canada.

Coming in for landing after fresh snowfall

The lodge is a helicopter in – stay a week – then helicopter out. In the middle you hike up mountains, ski down, try to keep warm and eat a lot.

I got to ride left seat on the way in and chat with the pilot. As we flew low through a high mountain pass, I told him I could do the same thing with my Cessna, and it was just as much fun. He said, “I bet you can’t do this with your Cessna”. I expected a nose down maneuver, but what he did was pull back and slow down to almost nothing, then drop abruptly down. Awesome, and he was right about the fact I couldn’t do that (stalling doesn’t count). The passengers in the back weren’t that excited about it though.

Fred Cliff on the last run home to the hut on the first day.
Incredible Scenery, Unforgettable Skiing
First light at the lodge. And very cold out taking photos.
Fred, a 182 pilot himself, making turns.
I think we climbed about 25,000 feet and skied about 50 miles (25 down) during the week.
With a cook hired for the meals, the nine of us could relax and recharge each night.
Sadly, good weather allowed the helicopter to be on time.
We’d be on this chopper next year but it’s about a four year waiting list for the lodge.

3 thoughts on “Seven Days in Valhalla BC

  1. Awesome pics as usual, Ney. I especially like the black and white one. Wish my family were good enough skiers to take advantage of a trip like this!

  2. Andreas Rickenbcah March, 2019 — 8:16 pm

    Very cool-great place to ski-I would like to connect with you. P210 pilot and skier in Squaw. Olympic ski team coach in the 90’s. Love to know more about your flying adventures and camping trips. Your adventures with family and friends are inspiring!

    1. Hi Andreas – Love to connect. I sent you an email. – Ney

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