Bivy Sack – An Adventure Van

We lead an outdoor life and have a pretty darn nice outdoor-lifestyle van that we use to pursue our goals. Although we use the airplane to get around we also use the van for many trips.  Or both.  For example one year we left the van in Lee Vining for the summer, so we could fly in and take her to Tuolumne Meadows, Bishop and Mt. Whitney areas climbing each weekend.  The rest of the year the van gets used near Lake Tahoe where we live.

By the way, the Bivy Sck on the license refers to “Bivy Sack” which refers to a lightweight Bivouac sack used by mountaineers to spend the night on an ascent of a mountain.

Awesome adventure van - we get a lot of comments

Awesome adventure van – we get a lot of comments

Sonora Pass Climbing
Sonora Pass Climbing Area
Lone Pine Peak (climbed the day before, North Ridge)
Lone Pine Peak (climbed the day before, North Ridge)
Egyptian Ridge, Nevada, Climbing
Egyptian Ridge, Nevada, Climbing
BV (Large)
Ten degrees outside, 68 degrees inside. Near Echo Lakes
Hope Valley
Bets BV
Betsy staying in shape during a month long trip. City of Rocks, Idaho
BV Gooseberry
Gooseberry Mesa Mountain Biking trip
BV Downieville-2
Exploring Downieville
BV 395
Somewhere along Highway 395 on a climbing trip
BV Coast
A glass of wine, two dogs and a gorgeous sunset on the north coast of California
BV Sierras pano-1 (Large)
Big Hill Fire Lookout
BV Elephant land-1 (Large)
On the way to “Elephant Land” in Nevada. The road eventually turns to 4WD only, and then we stop and camp, using the ATV to reach the granite spires to climb.
Onspot Chains-1
We get asked about these a lot – automatic chains. Yes, its a thing. This shows one of them in the “up” position.  It consists of a rubber wheel that contacts the tire and spins, throwing chain segments under the tire.
Onspot Chains-2
This shows the chains in the “down” or deployed position, from a switch in the dashboard. They work well and are OK for use when chains are required.

1 thought on “Bivy Sack – An Adventure Van

  1. Ney, there are similarities with your history; led a trip that summited Denali in 1975, private pilot early 80’s, pretended to work for a living, got back into aviation in 2014, bought a 182T in 2016, now looking at Sprinter Vans after we sold our second home in Truckee last year. Based out of KSAC, like your book & am pursuing outdoor adventures with my spouse before we cool off to room temp.
    Keep up the good work!

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