Alaska, Flying North

Sorry for the delay, my book just came out and I was focussed on that (and doing adventures). Visit if you want to check out the California Adventure guide.

So Betsy and I went to Alaska this last summer. For a couple of months. She drove. I flew. People thought we were nuts but it was very fun. I would stop each place she would stop so we ended up hop-scotching our way up north. Yep, last time I flew to Alaska I did it in long day flying the coastal route to Ketchikan. This time? Maybe two weeks, though we stopped to visit and rock climb.

Fuel costs? Yeah, it wasn’t a cheap trip, but we stayed in the van or with friends, and rarely ate out. We figure it was about like a trip to Europe including airfare.

In fact we rarely even stayed at a campground or RV park. Only when we really needed a shower. Our favorite place to stop for the night (or two)? A small airport and we stayed at lots of them.

I did a short-field landing at each airport while flying north, short or not, to get ready for Alaska. Turns out I was going to need it.

This place was deserted and locked up. I tried 1229 on the combo and got it open first try!

We stopped in Bend Oregon to see my cousin Fred and then in Olympia Washington to see some friends. The fun flying started in Olympia. I flew low mainly over water all the up to Nanaimo Canada to clear customs. I’m not sure it was required but I made sure I was on flight following crossing the border. I was on hold for about an hour with Canada CANPASS in Nainoma but once on they cleared me in.

Once Cleared I headed for our real first vacation stop – Squamish.

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