Lake Tahoe Sunrise With Corey Rich

First, an update on my Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign is an all-or-nothing pledge campaign (basically pre-ordering my new adventure book) to help pay for the printing of the book. My goal is $9,000 and at 16 out of 30 days I’m at $5,500. So not bad but it will be close. Here is the link if you are interested: Book: Fifty Classic Adventures In California I know us pilot types tend to be a little older – so please pass the link on if you know someone younger and perhaps more adventurous and that may be interested in the book. (Wait wait – I’m not saying you are not young and adventurous. Truly. I’m just saying… Oh, never mind).

Emerald Bay and the Desolation Wilderness Beyond. Photo by Corey Rich

I first met Corey Rich years ago at a Lake Tahoe climbing area and followed his adventure photography career. I’ve always been incredibly impressed with true adventure photographers like Galen Rowell, Jimmy Chin and Corey Rich who are not only talented photographers but true adventurers who capture the athletes and adventurers who are pushing the absolute limits of sport in remote and difficult locations. I’ve often watched a film of some breathtaking climbing or skiing and thought, “but what about the guy holding the camera?” He’s doing all that and he’s carry around a bunch of photography equipment and taking the time to get the shots.

For my new book I had been inviting professional photographers up in my plane for either a sunrise or sunset flight, and I was thrilled that Corey accepted my invitation for a sunrise flight over Lake Tahoe, where he lives.

Looking South from over Lake Tahoe at dawn. Photo by Corey Rich

I slept in our Sprinter van at my airport so I could get an early start, then in the early morning hours I made the dark flight over the Sierra to land at South Lake Tahoe airport. Corey and Brian Prince were there waiting. Just a hint of dawn light was glowing on the horizon as we took off.

Corey got some wonderful, moody and dramatic shots but the colorful sunrise shots that we were hoping for were elusive. We tried, and even went up to 17,000 feet. There we witnessed some incredible scenery over the Sierra to the south, but not over Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Before the Day, Photo by Corey Rich

Still, I got some great shots for the book and for that I’m grateful. It’s a book on adventures in and around California’s National Parks, but I’ve also enjoyed including some unique and beautiful aerial images of each of the places I focus on in the book.

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