To Alaska but first, Squamish

People have been telling us to go to Squamish for years, and we finally made it. It really is an idyllic town with great climbing and mountain biking. Nice little airport too, nestled into the trees a few miles from the end of the fjord. We stayed for about 4 days and then were suppose to head out.

Except the day before it started to rain and the ceilings came way down. Way down. So I decided to stay in the tent at the plane for the night while Betsy started north with the van.

Then I thought, “Am I going to let a little bad weather stop me from flying and keeping me in a tent?” No way. So I got a last minute reservation at an old hotel downtown for about $50.

The rain had stopped by the next morning and the ceiling, though still not terribly high, was good enough to fly up over Whistler and follow the little purple arrows on the Canadian VFR chart which tell you the best way to go via rivers and valleys. Very helpful! Fun too. These are not little rivers and valleys, these are BIG rivers and valleys. Like the mighty Frasier River which I followed for some time.

I caught up with Betsy at Fort Nelson BC, though was not at all impressed with the airport. The worst one of the lot with a rotten, broken-up transient parking area even though they have a huge well-paved ramp area.

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