A Few Moments in the Middle of Nevada

Old Hangar

I landed in Tonopah Nevada in order to make a scheduled conference call.  I’ve had many of these business calls in various locations: hanging on rock wall, hunkered in a tent at Osh Kosh, on a beach while kayaking in Alaska, pulled over on the side of the road on my bike, etc.   I even remember having one here in Tonopah before, sitting in my plane.  No one ever knows where I am because it just doesn’t make sense to say, “hey everyone, before we jump into this serious business conversation, guess where I am right now?”

I just try to make sure I have good cell coverage (I have a satellite phone but I’ve learned it isn’t reliable enough) and to try to get out of the wind.  Sitting in the plane is good. Then I try to live up to the notion that everyone else thinks I’m sitting behind a desk.

When I landed in Tonopah I noticed this old hangar.  Tonopah has a massive expanse of rotting concrete (made me nervous once I decided to taxi over to the old hangar) that was probably put down when the airfield was used for military training for WWII and for a few years after.  In fact the owner of the FBO came racing across the ramp in a pickup to make sure I was OK and that I meant to stray off into an old corner of the airfield.

After my call I spent a few minutes enjoying the solitude, before pre-walking a path back to good asphalt, starting up and then heading home.


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