Red Rocks Las Vegas – Again

There is very little snow for skiing this year (2017/18), so Betsy and I headed back to Red Rocks in Nevada to climb with our daughter Belyn and her boyfriend Brian.  We lucked out on the flight because it was blowing like hell in the morning and then calm for a short period while we flew in (to North Las Vegas airport), then the wind completely changed direction and started blowing like hell (i.e. 30 knot gusts) the other way.  I was practically blown over walking out of the restaurant that night and I had to give gratitude to the weather gods that I wasn’t up there trying to land in it. (A long time ago I tried to land in Henderson NV in a 25 knot crosswind and almost took out a runway light before heading over to North Las Vegas where they have more runways to choose from).

Brian didn’t let on, but he and Belyn climbed a pretty hard route next to ours in order to get some photos of Bets and I climbing.  Well – we have never had these kind of photos of us climbing.  Ever.  Thank you Brian.

Betsy leading up Dark Shadows.  Strong as always.  (Photo by Brian Prince)
Now my turn on the lead. See the white marks above my head? They are chalk marks, and they are off route and much harder than the crack to my right, where I should be. After trembling for a while and thinking Brian’s going to get an excellent photo of me falling 30 feet, I was able to move right and up.  (Photo by Brian Prince)
Brian and Belyn.
High Sierra sunset
The only thing I wanted on the flight back was to get over the Sierra Nevada before it was pitch black. This is the Sierras as we approached it. Yep. Nope. We didn’t make it.

3 thoughts on “Red Rocks Las Vegas – Again

  1. Awesome story and pics! Curious what your route of flight was from HND or VGT to PVF? And where did you get caught in the dark?

    1. Hi Derek, Sorry for the delay – just didn’t see some of the comments. VGT to PVF, and I either go over Red Rock then BTY – BIH or direct BTY but keeping out of restricted area. From Bishop I generally head up hwy 395 and depending on turbulence and weather head over to PVF when I feel it is safe. This time it was pitch black at BIH so I went up to Mammoth and hit the airway that goes through Mammoth Pass, then followed that, staying high (about 12.5) for a bit. I flew down into the central valley and then took a right to PVF. I usually don’t go that way when I can see the ground…

  2. Those photos nearly took my breath away! Wow!

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