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THE Flight: In-Flight Photos of the Sierras, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon

April, 2006

I don’t take any photos on most flights, there just isn’t anything compelling to get a picture of.  But every once in a while, the clouds, light and scenery combine to make a memorable and photogenic flight.  This trip, so far, was the best and I doubt I’ll ever have everything line up like that again.

I had a business meeting in Phoenix and another the next day in Salt Lake City.  This meant a pre-dawn take-off from California and up over the Sierras as the sun was coming up.  There had been a storm the previous day, so there was still some debris clouds and leftovers that made for a dramatic sky.  After the meeting in Phoenix I took off and just about the time the light was starting to fade I approached the Grand Canyon, and again had great light.

Pre-dawn over the Sierra Foothills

Dawn over the Sierras

Sun is up, Still Over the Sierras

Sun is Still Low to the East

Grand Canyon at 16,000 Feet

Sunset, Somewhere Near Bryce Canyon

Sunset, Homeward

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