Yellowstone with Good Friends

My dear friend Ken from high school learned he has cancer.  Lung cancer and he has never smoked.  We’ve been through a lot together, having both worked in Alaska, ice climbed together in Canada and backpacked through Europe.

We decided to get away to Yellowstone, along with another good high school friend, Mark.  Yellowstone is a fantastic place to fly to, with an awesome campground right at the West Yellowstone airport.  They have firewood, and even a small trailer with hot showers.  It was a wonderful trip, and it was great to catch up with Ken.

“Flying” through the steam

West Yellowstone Airport, Mark and his plane

Ken and Ross about to pack up

I didn’t take this photo, and I actually don’t know who did.  Its four of us, and a guy on another boardwalk got the shot, emailed it to Ken, and Ken sent it to me.  Nice photo.

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