Alaska and Airplanes

For the second year COVID has prevented me from flying to Alaska. For this trip we had a remote river trip planned and when Canada didn’t open their border in time, we flew commercial. I was definitely bummed because I planned on using my plane to help run shuttle between McCarthy and Chitina, and take friends and family on tours.

Turns out the low weather would have made tours tough, although running the airplane shuttle would have worked since the cloud base was a few thousand feet up.

So, of course, Alaska for many of us is practically synonymous with airplanes. In a 10 day period, with 6 days of it on a remote river, I ended up with a surprising number of airplane images.

Enjoy, and let me know which is your favorite!

A 1947 Beaver, still hard at work

2 thoughts on “Alaska and Airplanes

  1. Had been wondering how you were making out with your house so close to the Tahoe fires. Hope all is well. Enjoyed this post, I can only imagine the longing you felt to get airborne seeing those planes flying around! And the pilots were probably thinking how much they’d love to be out on the river!!!

  2. And a 1947 Garmin GPS still hard at work.

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