Radical Utah Redness

Zion National Park

I recently attended a rarity – a post COVID, in person, in the room, conference. It was a photography conference held in Kanab Utah. I flew in and used my electric bike to get around town for three days, quite fun actually.

And I took some photos.

It also turns out that a photography conference is where you can meet a couple of random guys and within 10 minutes decide to all hang out in desert together for the night. Really. I got up at 1:00 am and got back at about 5:00 am after hiking out and shooting the milky way behind “The Toadstools”. Also, I was on a bike so I really needed a ride out into the desert. But it was fun and helpful to shoot together which I’ve never done.

Why do they call it The Toadstools?

I also made my own adventure by flying from Kanab one evening over to near Hanksville to a formation called Factory Butte. I actually missed the sunset somehow. I was looking at Google Maps on my iPhone during the conference and estimated the time to fly over there – and blew it. Kind of.

Well this was part of the problem – I got distracted on the flight to the Butte and got some other photos

I arrived about 15 minutes after sunset, about the start of the “Blue Hour” that I had just heard about in a workshop. This is a nice image and I was fortunate there was still enough light in the sky to get an image from a shaky airplane. I used a fast lens (f1.4) and boosted the ISO some to get a decent shutter speed.

I would still like to see this at sunset, but I think I probably got the shot.

5 thoughts on “Radical Utah Redness

  1. These photographs are incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I’m only curious how you take photographs from the 210 that look so magnificent without reflections or other quality issues brought on by the plexiglass? Or do you have some sort of camera mounted outside the cockpit?

    1. Well this is a secret so don’t tell anyone. I used to open the window or put black fabric over the camera but this simple device is a game changer. I also a few years ago put new glass in both side windows. A total pain but worth it.

      If the link doesn’t work search on Amazon for “Rubber Lens Hood”.

      1. Aaaaah. That’s a good kind of cheating! Thanks for the backstage pass. I feel better now about the poor quality photos I manage with my iPhone from the cockpit. 😉

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