Best GoPro Videos of 2013

As a follow up to my “best of photos”, I’ve gone through my videos and selected the best, in my opinion, of 2013.  First, you can see all my videos on vimeo at my video page:

Here are my picks for the best of 2013:

I can’t help but put this at the top, it is pretty obvious it means a lot to me – it also got me into being a presenter at Osh Kosh and free gear from GoPro and others:

In Celebration of 100 Flying Adventures

This one gets a lot of attention because of the swivel mounted camera. I wanted a song with a strong beat – and I got it – but I know its a little strong for some.

GoPro Aerial Tour of the West – Flying over Mountains, Valleys, Coastline and Deserts

I like this one because it tells a story, and its an attempt at some humor. It helps if you are a kayaker, but hopefully you’ll laugh regardless.

California Kayakers Do Idaho

The rest are here because they are among my favorite moments and memories of the past year:

Fly, Bike, Ski Expedition to Ellery Bowl – A first Ascent?

Baja Whale Petting at San Ignacio Lagoon

Narrated “Scary” Flight To Schafer Meadows USFS Airstrip

Like adventures with dogs? Check out our faithful (like, go-anywhere-faithful) companions Bodie and Ande:

Bodie and Ande Climb Mt Agassiz

Bodie and Ande Go Canyoneering (Hiking in Utah Canyons)

Bodie and Ande Ski a Mountain

1 thought on “Best GoPro Videos of 2013

  1. Congratulation on the flight videos. They are fantastic. can you share what equipment you used for the swivel camera mount and remote control? Thx, Martin

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