Best Flying Adventure Photos of 2013

Here are (in my opinion) the best photos from this blog in 2013.  It was an amazing year, from presenting at Osh Kosh, making some flying videos that got noticed and sponsored by GoPro, and taking trips with my family.  Enjoy the photos:

Montana backpacking (Large)

IMG_0447 (Large)

peak (Large)

Osh (Large)

Tunnel view (Large)

Tree shadows (Large)

Sunrise fog (Large)

Subway log (Large)

Subway (Large)

Schafer HDR (Large)

Ney Osh (Large)

IMG_1758 (Large)

Iced trees (Large)

Cornice (Large)

Canyoneering (Large)

Black sand 2 (Large)


Betsy Laurel (Large)

Belyn GNP_1440_1080

Belyn Bets GNP (Large)

20130304_3654 (Large)


7 thoughts on “Best Flying Adventure Photos of 2013

    1. Thank you Paul. Your photos on your site are stunning. – Ney

  1. Enjoyed these photos very much. Have a great 2014. I am looking forward to more of your adventures.

    Adventure Insider

  2. adventureinsider2013 January, 2014 — 11:07 am

    Fantastic photos. I am looking forward to your adventures in 2014.

    Best Regards,

    Adventure Insider

      1. Tried to contact you by e-mail but could not find one.

        Check out this link when you get a chance. There is a nice surprise in the post. Your webstite is mentioned in Best of the Web.

        Best Regards,

        Adventure Insider

      2. Wow, that is awesome! I’m thrilled to be in that sort of company! – Ney

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