Surprise at Virginia Lakes

Every year my wife Betsy takes a hiking trip with a group of women in the Yosemite backcountry.  They drive the 4 or 5 hours down highway 395 and usually stay in a different lodge or tent-cabins each year to base their hiking out of.  This year they stayed at Virginia Lakes, which is up a road off 395 into a high valley about 9,500 feet.

I told my wife I would take a bike ride when she was away, but I didn’t tell her my exact plans.  I flew to Lee Vining, then got on my bike and rode up to Virginia lakes.  I knew the group was off hiking in Lyle canyon, so I left a note on her cabin door, “Hi Sweetie, I hope you had a nice hike – Your Secret Admirer”.  She knows me and it wasn’t much of a mystery to her, but the other women were taken off guard and wondered who left it and how they got there.  Betsy has a bit of a reputation for being adventuresome, so when one of them heard it was me, she commented, “Geesh, you guys are meant for each other”.  Yeah, I guess we are.

The Road Less Traveled (Mono Lake)
Secret Fishing spot at Virginia Lakes - Don't tell anyone!

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