Birthday Hike up Mt. Whitney

Betsy turned 50 and as a present to herself wanted to hike Mt. Whitney alone.  She’s already done it numerous times and various ways (main trail, mountaineer’s route and east face), but always with someone. So why did she want to hike it alone?  She really enjoys hiking at her own pace, which is fast, and she wanted to just get out there alone and hike it at her pace and see what happens.

What happens is that she does it really fast and is up at the top at 8:45 am and down just past 1:00 pm.  Wow.  No afternoon thunderstorm danger on that hike!

So she could do this in one weekend I flew her down and drove her up to the trailhead at 4:00 am Sunday morning.  It was a little bit of a bummer for me to get up for a nice early alpine start but not actually do anything.  But I did get to do a nice bike ride with my son later in the day.

Sunrise on the Mt. Whitney Trail (photo by Bets)
Stuck in Lone Pine, I took photos of flowers

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