Hood River Biking

My son is a camp counselor at a ski camp at Mt. Hood and I enjoy helping him get up and back from that area.   Last year I took the opportunity to climb and ski Mt. Hood and this year I took my road bike and mountain bike for some riding.

It is a spectacular place to ride, both trail and road.  Really, some of the best of both.  I did the famous Surveyors Ridge ride on my mountain bike with great views of Mt. Hood most of the way. I stopped to work on my pedal and a colorful little bird came and sat near me.  Very nice.

I did two road rides, one from Hood River up to Parkdale, and another on the old Columbia river highway to The Dalles and back to Hood River.  One section is so good its ridiculous.  It is closed to cars and is a freshly paved road open to bikes and pedestrians.  Since it is as wide as a road there is no problem with the pedestrians.  It sits above the Columbia river with stunning views and even goes through two old tunnels.

My son told me about the Ice Caves near Mt. Adams, so I spent some time there with my camera.  Its a lava tube cave, and as snow melts above from the sun it seeps into the cave and freezes.   Although the best ice is in the spring, supposedly there is ice there all summer in the deeper recesses.

I seem to have a lot of photos of Shasta as I fly by. Here is yet another.
Someone watching me fix my bike
Ice Caves
More Ice Cave

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