California Thunderstorms (and Tornadoes)

I had some business meetings in the Riverside and Ontario areas of Southern California last month on a Tuesday/Wednesday.  On Thursday my wife was to go into minor surgery so it was kind of important – make that pretty darn important – to be back home.   For a few days it was forecast to be scattered showers in the CA central valley with isolated thunderstorms, and that didn’t scare me since I would be in the valley and could see and avoid them.  Had I had to cross the sierras I would have been scared.

As it turns out, this was the day that small tornadoes touched down and destroyed some crops.  It was a wild weather day to be sure, especially for California, but my see and avoid plan was sound.  I did see, and I did avoid.  I ended up seeing a lot of bad stuff near where I wanted to land so I diverted, landed in Rancho Murietta, waited an hour, then continued on to my home base of Placerville in good weather.

My wife, knowing it isn’t wise to 100% count on me when flying, had two back-up rides home from the hospital for the next day.  When I told her I diverted and landed, she thought it was all over.  I told her I was pretty sure the bad weather would move past Placerville and allow me to land before it got dark, and luckily it did.


Look for route line on iPad near big bad red area (I'm on the ground here waiting)
Waiting to take off again
Awesome shaft of rain. Folsom Lake is in background.

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