Markleeville Road Biking

For road bikers Markleeville is most famous for the Markleeville Death Ride and many bikers go there to do one  or two sections of the death ride (for example Monitor or Ebbets pass).   However there is some great biking right from the airport that isn’t so tough.  For example, a great medium length ride would be to do a loop from the airport on Airport Rd to Diamond Valley Road, Highway 89 back to Airport Rd.  Another fine ride would be to ride to Grover’s hot springs and back.

I flew there one afternoon to do Ebbet’s pass. What a beautiful area.  I got a little cold near the top and realized when I saw the frozen lake that it was pretty high in altitude.

I have to admit I did cheat here on the photo of the bear.  I saw that a month ago in the same area, but with my wife and dogs on a hike off Poor Boy Rd. We drove there.

Partially Frozen Kinney Res.
Beautiful Bear, Beautiful Meadow
Markleeville Airport


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