Skiing at Mammoth Mountain: In-flight Photos

Mammoth is a great place to fly to.  Big runway, rental cars, and a taxi service that has bike racks in the summer and ski racks in the winter. Too bad its one of the more expensive in terms of fuel and ramp fees.

I met my friend Mark for a day of skiing.  Mark has a P210, which is similar to mine except its pressurized, where mine is not.  Basically, his is far more comfortable for long distances at altitude, but it has a pressure vessel which places a wall in the cabin behind the seats.  Mine requires use of the built in oxygen when flying high, but I can easily fit bikes and skis where he can’t.  A trade off for each of us.

Anyway, after skiing we decided to fly south a bit near the Palisade area of the Sierra Nevada, and take some in-flight photos of each other’s plane.  It was a little nerve wracking to be close to the mountains while trying to fly, take photos and not get too close to the other plane.  Basically we stayed quite far apart and used the zoom since we are not trained in formation flying.

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