Canyoneering in Zion – Pine Creek Canyon

Pine Creek is a classic slot canyon with huge, overhanging rappel down into a pool of water.  The trip is worth it for that one event.

On the way out we flew by Hurricane Mesa, where I had previously seen the strange sight of a railway leading up to and ending right at the edge of the mesa.  Turns out it is a test track where they used to test ejection seats.   They would hurl dummies (and unfortunately a few apes) to the edge of the mesa and then eject them out and down.  Now it is a high speed track that can be used to test crash worthiness or film movies.  Here is a photo:

Hurricane Mesa Test Track
The Rappel
Even when its 100 degrees out, its COLD in the water
Did a little mountain bike too
On the ground at Bryce Canyon for a quick repair

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