Flight to Steamboat Springs – Skiing and Snowmobiling

I had arranged a business meeting in Steamboat Springs, since my clients were in Colorado and one was from the east coast but wanted to ski for the first time.  So we met there (I was picked up at the airport) and I spent the day trying to teach someone that had never been on skis before.  It was harder than I thought, both to ski if you have never done it, and to try to teach someone the basics. So basically, it wasn’t a great day of skiing for either of us.

The client from Colorado arranged for snowmobiles the following day, and that was a lot fun.  We went far north, over 100 miles into Wyoming.  I was surprised, because you sure can’t travel that kind of distance on a snowmobile in California.

One the way in:

Over the Rockies, Barely
Flying North into Steamboat
Steamboat Aspens

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