Family Whitewater Rafting: Main Salmon in Idaho

There are a few rivers in the west that are ideal for family and kids.  The Rogue in Oregon, the Green in Utah and Main Salmon in Idaho.   There are exciting but safe rapids, nice camp sites with sandy beaches, and family oriented raft trips by outfitters.  We went with ARTA, a quality guiding company that runs most western rivers.  I’ve done self-supported trips in the past, but using an outfitter means less work, more fun, and more friends for the kids.  Granted, it is more money.

The trip started in Salmon, Idaho and ended in McCall on the other side of the state.  I flew my family into Salmon, unloaded and then flew the empty plane to McCall (I was glad I was alone as by that time of the day there was a lot of turbulence).  There I took a scheduled air-taxi back to Salmon to rejoin my family for the trip (ARTA took care of transportation from Salmon).  At the end of the trip the plane was waiting in McCall for us.

New Best Friends

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