Family Beach Hiking in Oceano

I have to say, Oceano is kind of a strange place. The little airport is right next to the beach, which is great, but it is the only beach in California that you can still drive on.  Which is fine, there should be someplace you can do that, but it seems to give the place a little bit of a circus atmosphere.  And drive they do, so you actually have to look both ways and sometimes wait for a break in the traffic to get your feet wet.  Then again, it looks like a lot fun to rip around in an ATV for awhile.

We hiked a ways down the beach, then cut into the dunes to play. It was little tough because most of the dunes were closed for nesting birds, but we managed to find some dunes to jump off of.

The Sahara? No, Oceano Dunes.

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