Say, Kids, Is that a Roller Coaster Down There?

Silverwood is an amusement park in Idaho with a couple of grand old wooden roller coasters.  Before that it was a small airport, and for a number of years it was both, which sets the stage for one of the best moments in Grant family aviation history.

When our kids were 8 and 10 we flew to Canada for a few weeks of sight-seeing in Banff and Jasper.  We left a day early, but didn’t tell the kids why. We cleared customs in Porthill International Airport, a grass strip next to a road-based customs station.  Then we headed directly to Silverwood.

I passed over the resort at about 2,000 feet, and said into the intercom, “Say, kids, is that a roller coaster down there?”

Kids: Yes!  Wow, a roller coaster!  Two of them!

Me: Maybe we should land and check them out?

Kids: What? We can’t land there……  Can we?

Me:  Yep, lets go in and land.

Kids:  Mom, is Dad kidding?  Can we land there?

We landed and pulled into the grass to park, only a few steps from the ticket window and entrance booths, and within a few minutes the kids were waiting in line at the large wooden roller coaster, waiting and watching with anticipation.

What a moment, and what a day.

1 thought on “Say, Kids, Is that a Roller Coaster Down There?

  1. lol Sappy Story follows from birth to age 19, I spent most of the time eiethr sick at home or worse, and was growing up the classic fat-kid-scaredy-cat life, until I went with my dad to Knott’s in, I’m thinking, 1977, for my 10th birthday. We rode the Corkscrew (my 1st coaster), and the Parachute Drop, and told me sick kids cant ride. Thx to him, I’m healthy, happy-ish, and have a coaste count of 154.

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