Book Signing, REI Folsom

Hey everyone, I was invited to do a book signing at REI Folsom this Saturday, Dec 17th!  Cool.

[Edited December 20th – The book signing was a success! Sold lots of books and most importantly, REI was pleased. They even bought a book to give away to one of the store employees. Some of the employees became familiar with the book and started directing customers over to me to but it. It was fun and I met some interesting people.]

I’ve had this flying blog for many years. I’ve never tried to market it so it has a relatively low number of followers, between 3 and 400. I also have an Instagram account with 8,000 followers, mainly because I was told by publishers I should. The publishers also said I may not even want to mention the flying blog because of the low number of followers.

When I did my kickstarter campaign for this new book, I think the followers from this flying blog supported me as much as the 8,000 Instagram followers did.

So thank you.

If you are around Sacramento/Folsom on Saturday the 17th please come into REI and say hi!

— Ney

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