Mt. Shasta Fly-By

I almost missed my 2:00 appointment in Yreka CA because I brought an eBike for the ride from the airport into town. The eBike is heavy at 52 lbs so I took the battery out to make it easier to lift into the airplane. I remembered the battery, but I didn’t remember the key that is required to get the battery on or off the bike.

I struggled for a while to try to mount the battery without the key, then called the local one-car taxi company. Yes, he could make it out in time to get me into town for my appointment. Whew.

When I flew in there was a small lenticular cap cloud over Shasta, but when I left? Wow.

It was windy and turbulent where I was, but it was obvious where the big wind was and I stayed away from that. In fact it is scary to think about flying into the lee side of Shasta that day.

2 thoughts on “Mt. Shasta Fly-By

  1. Always been nervous when seeing lenticular clouds when mountain flying, but I guess it’s not the wind itself that gets you, it’s the rough air downwind of the mountains that gets you. Beautiful pics and video as always.

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