Flying and Skiing, Revelstoke and Rogers Pass

Part 2 of 3

In part 1, we flew up and snuck under the clouds to land at Castlegar, near Nelson British Columbia.

The skiing was fantastic. We skied a day at Whitewater BC and it snowed most of the day, leading to some fresh powder all day long. Whitewater is a smaller, family oriented resort. Not one high speed lift there, but great terrain and tree skiing. It is also part of the Powder Alliance so my Sierra At Tahoe season pass worked there.

We then drove 3+ hours north to Revelstoke, which has something like 5,500 feet of vertical! Not a lot of lifts, but with that vertical you can spread out and ski powder all day (snowed the night before).

The real gem though was a day of backcountry skiing at the iconic Rogers Pass area, famous for its avalanches. Sure enough, we skinned across an avy path/couloir called “Frequent Flyer” on the way up and at the end of the day skiing out our tracks were covered with avy debris. Frequent Flyer had slid and all of a sudden I understood the name. The skiing was fantastic and every now and then the clouds parted enough to see of the famous scenery.

Each night I was looking at weather. And looking and looking. The next 10 days looked bad for flying, except the next day. It would snow in the morning but was “showery” weather for the rest of the day. We decided to drive back to Castelgar and check out the weather. If it allowed us to get out, fine, otherwise we’d ski Whitewater again the next day.

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