Flight within Cuba: Cienfuegos

We want to experience Cuba outside of Havana and also thought it would be fun to do a flight within the country, so we head out to the Havana airport for a short 45 minute flight to Cienfuegos on the south coast of the Island.

There seems to be even more paperwork now than when we entered and Mark disappears for a while with our “handler” to go pay for fuel and lots of other stuff.  While waiting at the plane Graeme points out two small birds perched near the propeller, one with a few twigs in its mouth.  Uh oh. I uncowl the plane and sure enough (see photo) there is a large bird nest almost completely built sitting right on top of the engine.

Mark returns and at first refuses to believe I haven’t play a joke on him. Seems obvious to me that Havana is not an appropriate place for such a joke but apparently I have a reputation for pranks. I convince him a little bird did indeed build a complete nest in three days and he proceeds to relocate the nest to another plane nearby.  (Not really, there is no other plane nearby).

The middle of the island
Downtown Cienfuegos

We take off and make an uneventful flight to Cienfuegos over the green Cuban countryside. I couldn’t locate an Airbnb that would take all of us, so we get two separate places. But at about $20 per night for each it isn’t bad. 

Mark, Graeme and I near Cienfuegos

One of the first things we do in Cienfuegos is head out of town ($10 cab ride) to a diving area where it costs us $35 for an excellent boat dive. The water was clear and diving fabulous. It seems to be well known as there is a group from Canada, a Korean and a European on our dive with us.

Tomorrow, May Day in Cuba.

4 thoughts on “Flight within Cuba: Cienfuegos

  1. how did you get the flight? did you know about it before arriving in cuba? i can’t find a lot of info about flights. what I do find says not to travel by airplane within the country.

    1. Yeah, we did this within weeks of flights to Cuba being completely shut down. So at this point you can’t fly there. We snuck in just in time.

      1. That’s too bad. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m going in November and feel a little anxious with only buses as reliable transportation over such far distances within the country.

      2. I wouldn’t worry. There is a large tourist infrastructure (mainly Europeans) and good inter-city transportation options. Buses but also shared taxis. We met many people that do a fairly standard route around Cuba and don’t even have reservations anywhere. They just go to the next place and find a place to stay.

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