A Year in Tahoe: Video

I’m working on a writing project and needed a video on Lake Tahoe.  I didn’t actually “need” one, but it would be nice and I knew I had a bunch of footage laying around from taking friends up for rides, while testing my video setup and because we live and play in the area.



2 thoughts on “A Year in Tahoe: Video

  1. Loren Gallagher August, 2014 — 10:16 am

    Good morning, Ney!

    I continue to enjoy your postings.

    With the help of a very talented metal-worker, we created a magnificent camera mount which has been mounted in one of the three-screw inspection covers under the left wing of my Skylane. we used RC technology and can control complete 360 degree turns in either direction plus initiate slow pans in either direction plus articulate the camera up and down. I’m capturing some great footage and now learning how to edit and post.

    I note that you use Vimeo for your postings. Is that because Vimeo gives you less grief about the music track that may be copyrighted? I posted my first video on my Facebook account and got a message that I confirm that I’m not using copyrighted music. What a crock!

    I also just installed a “Vision 360” STC’d camera pod on the belly of my Skylane. No obstructions to the view from the rear-facing camera. The forward facing camera picks up 1/2 of the nose wheel which, I’ve been told, can be eliminated through creative editing. I also have a straight-down camera pod which I have not yet tested.

    My big concern is the music. I don’t like the restrictions. This isn’t a commercial application. I see that you give music credits; however, I don’t believe that the Facebook screening software reads English so suspect that they would allow you to publish the video but strip the music?

    Safe, safe flying! I loved the Tahoe clips. I manage a couple of resorts in South Lake Tahoe and I’ve flown many trips to the Lake over the past 30 years – C310, C340, Bonanza, and Skylane. Life is grand! The GoPro experience from my airplane platform has delivered a new leash on life!!!

    With warmest regards, Loren Gallagher HMT

    1. Thank you Loren for the note. I guess I’ve lucked out – I used Vimeo because at the time it was the one that was best at HD videos and had the reputation of being more artistic and less volatile/chaotic than YouTube.

      Your system sounds great and the ability to articulate the camera up and down is something I wish my setup could do. Please post some links to your videos, I’d love to see what you’ve done!

      Regards, Ney

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