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Centurion/Sprinter Journey: High Mountain Access

August, 2014

We did our first combo-trip using the Sprinter as an airport car.  In fact, at the time of this writing it is now parked about 100 NM from home as the Cessna flies, or almost 175 miles via roads.  Next weekend we’ll fly and pick it up for another adventure, and maybe leave it at another airport.

This trip Betsy drove the van to Lee Vining while I shopped, wasted time and generally took my time before I took off nearly 2.5 hours later than she did.  As I was downwind Betsy was turning onto Airport Road.  We then drove the van up to Tuolumne Meadows were for the first time in years we actually had actual campsite reservations for the ever-popular Tuolumne meadows campsite, but when getting to our camp we discovered someone had poached it and occupied it.  No problem, they fessed up right away and were nice about it, and since we were staying in the van and then leaving at 3:30 in the morning anyway, we let them stay.

We got the early start to do the North Ridge of North Peak, and then climbed the North Ridge of Mt. Conness.  All in all a fantastic day in the mountains.

First climb the left-most ridge then up and to the next ridge.

First climb the left-most ridge then up and over to the next ridge ending near right of photo.


Rendezvous at Lee Vining

North Peak at Dawn

North Peak at Dawn

Betsy on Ridge

Betsy on Ridge

Occasionally use of Rope when needed

Occasionally use of rope when needed

Very fun and exposed

Very fun and exposed



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