Flight above Washington’s Majestic Mountains

I had some meetings in Washington, and instead of flying straight home like I normally do, I flew east with my GoPro into the Cascades to check out the mountains.


I really had no idea there was so much near-vertical terrain. What is interesting is that some of the mountains in the video are only 5 to 7,000 feet tall, even though it looks like the slopes and cliffs of the mountains are 5,000 feet tall. I think that is because they are – the bottoms drop down to only 1 or 2,000 feet above sea level.

Anyway, here is the video. Enjoy:

4 thoughts on “Flight above Washington’s Majestic Mountains

  1. Ney, this is my route when i fly to Montana every couple weeks from Seattle. Although i do not take quite as scenic a route down low as you have done here! Awesome perspectives. I hope to have my camera up and running sometime this summer.

    Bob Peach

    1. You fly over awesome country! – Ney

  2. Unreal. Amazing. Incredible. Thank you.

  3. Believe me, spend plenty of time when VMC studying those unimproved airstrips and primo open spots for emergency landing if ever needed. There are a couple of legs where it’s 25 miles of mtn peaks to the nearest airfield…so best have something else in mind if necessary.

    The first leg is over the Cascades and then the “flats” of central and eastern WA. then it’s the Clearwater Mtns and on into the Bitterroot Range. Dropping thru the cut just north of St. Mary Peak at about 11-12k’ with an immediate descent to 3600′ airport elevation is always a treat. It’s an amazing place and i’m lucky to live there.

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