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A Quick Trip to Vegas, LA then Home

March, 2011

The recession has put a few of my clients that are selling their businesses into a holding pattern, and I thought it would be a good idea to visit them and see how they are doing.  So I made a circuit of three clients in Las Vegas (Henderson actually), Temecula and Burbank.

It was very cold, so I preheated the plane before heading out to Henderson.  The client was nice enough to meet me at the airport so we just hung around, looked at airplanes and talked.  I then flew into the sunset and on into French Valley airport for the night.  I met my clients the next morning for breakfast, and then flew to Burbank to meet my next client for lunch.

I didn’t have to because the ceiling as at around 7 to 8,000 feet, but I flew at 10,000 feet all the way home in the clouds so I could get some safe but good solid IMC (instrument) time.   All in all a good trip.  It was nice to connect with my clients, the plane ran well, and it was a fun challenge to deal with the cold, the weather and the incessant LA air traffic.

Mono Lake


Southern Sierras

Los Angeles Basin

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