Sea to Ski – California is (Still) a Nice Place to Live

There are going to be probably more than a few posts about flying to San Luis Obispo since my daughter Belyn is now going to Cal Poly.  In this case, midterms were just over and it was a good time for Belyn and her boyfriend, Patrick, to come stay with us for a ski weekend.  Doing so really brought home the point that California is an amazing place.  I guess that is why so many people choose to live her.

I took my road bike to SLO on the plane and rode to Pismo Beach past vineyards, then watched the sufers for a while before riding back to the airport.   By then Patrick was out of his last class and we headed home in time for a late dinner.  Saturday we skied at a Tahoe resort and Sunday we climbed a peak in snowstorm and skied down.  Then Monday morning we took off early to get Belyn and Patrick back to school on the coast for 8:00 classes.

Yes, I know having an airplane helps, but California is truly blessed with some fantastic natural wonders.

Pismo Beach
Enroute from SLO
Going Up
Betsy Coming Down

Patrick's turn

We had a little event on the way down with our new border collie puppy, Ande.  He isn’t that old (3 1/2 months), but he has plenty of energy so we decided to take him backcountry skiing.  Everything was fine until he ran headfirst into a deep hole over a creek.  Betsy literally jumped into the shallow water to get him out.

Ande and the hole he fell into









Bodie and Ande in the hangar


2 thoughts on “Sea to Ski – California is (Still) a Nice Place to Live

  1. Ney,

    How do you get such good pictures while in flight? When I take photos through the windows there is glare that shows up in the photos.



    1. Hi David, One trick is to always use manual focus to make sure the camera isn’t automatically focusing on the plexiglass, which they will do more than with glass. Manual focus is a hassle on small digital cameras, and I’ve lost shots because I couldn’t focus in time (I use a Canon G12). Other than that, I move the camera around to try avoid glare, and I also throw out a lot of photos.

      In a few I actually stick my camera out the window, but for most they are shot through the window. Thanks, Ney

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