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Sea to Ski – California is (Still) a Nice Place to Live

February, 2011

There are going to be probably more than a few posts about flying to San Luis Obispo since my daughter Belyn is now going to Cal Poly.  In this case, midterms were just over and it was a good time for Belyn and her boyfriend, Patrick, to come stay with us for a ski weekend.  Doing so really brought home the point that California is an amazing place.  I guess that is why so many people choose to live her.

I took my road bike to SLO on the plane and rode to Pismo Beach past vineyards, then watched the sufers for a while before riding back to the airport.   By then Patrick was out of his last class and we headed home in time for a late dinner.  Saturday we skied at a Tahoe resort and Sunday we climbed a peak in snowstorm and skied down.  Then Monday morning we took off early to get Belyn and Patrick back to school on the coast for 8:00 classes.

Yes, I know having an airplane helps, but California is truly blessed with some fantastic natural wonders.

Pismo Beach

Enroute from SLO

Going Up

Betsy Coming Down

Patrick's turn

We had a little event on the way down with our new border collie puppy, Ande.  He isn’t that old (3 1/2 months), but he has plenty of energy so we decided to take him backcountry skiing.  Everything was fine until he ran headfirst into a deep hole over a creek.  Betsy literally jumped into the shallow water to get him out.

Ande and the hole he fell into









Bodie and Ande in the hangar


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  1. David Klein permalink
    February, 2011 10:04 am


    How do you get such good pictures while in flight? When I take photos through the windows there is glare that shows up in the photos.



    • February, 2011 1:09 pm

      Hi David, One trick is to always use manual focus to make sure the camera isn’t automatically focusing on the plexiglass, which they will do more than with glass. Manual focus is a hassle on small digital cameras, and I’ve lost shots because I couldn’t focus in time (I use a Canon G12). Other than that, I move the camera around to try avoid glare, and I also throw out a lot of photos.

      In a few I actually stick my camera out the window, but for most they are shot through the window. Thanks, Ney

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