Planes, Trains and Automobiles – and a Bike

Twice in the past few summer months I’ve had business meetings in downtown San Francisco.  I could sit in my air-conditioned car for 2-3 hours but then have to deal with parking, or I could save some time but risk getting hot and sweaty going by air. I went by air.  Which means:

– Drive to the airport, preflight the plane, pull it out of the hangar, take off

– Fly to Concord, park at the ramp behind the Crowne Plaza hotel which has easy access to Concord Blvd.  I could get closer to SF by landing in Oakland, but then I would need to get a ride to BART (not completely under my control) or also ride my bike to BART.  Concord just seems easier.

– Use my foldable Dahon bike to ride the couple of miles to downtown Concord BART.  I take my coat off and take my time so I don’t get sweaty.

– Lock my bike (or take it with me, but I usually just leave it in Concord), and take BART into the city, getting there in time to walk where I need to be.  Once I’m in the city I love it.  No car to worry about, and no worries about traffic.

With no traffic I’m not even sure it saves much time over driving, but in both cases I was leaving the city in the afternoon, so by missing traffic I’m saving a lot of time getting home, and its kind of fun.

In fact, I learned to fly because I sold my business to a company in San Jose and while I refused to move to San Jose, I learned to fly and for two years flew to San Jose to work.  One of the best feelings flying, then and now, is looking down at the stop and go traffic leaving the bay area while traveling over it all at 200 MPH.


Windmills Approaching Pittsburgh



At Concord. Ride in a suit in 90 weather? Luckily not far.


1 thought on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles – and a Bike

  1. That’s funny–when i lived in Berkeley, I didn’t have a car and used to rent airplanes at Pacific States Aviation there in concord. I’ve made that BART-Buchanan bike ride many a time!

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