Night Flight / San Luis Obispo

My daughter is going away to college to Cal Poly SLO, and summer orientation was a day after we returned from our summer vacation in Peru.  But that is what a plane is for.  We took off in the evening, spent the day buying books, looking at dorms and listening to lectures about alcohol abuse and study habits.  We then went shopping for jeans in downtown San Luis Obispo (what a nice town!), dinner and then another sunset/ night flight back home.

I have a feeling they’ll be quite a few more trips down there in the coming years.

Sunset with Propeller Arc
Sunset at 10:00
Night Panel (with new iPad!)

1 thought on “Night Flight / San Luis Obispo

  1. Your blog is refreshing and very enjoyable to read. I will keep checking for updates. Enjoy the good life!

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