Road Bike Death Valley (In-flight Photos)

I didn’t set out at all to bike Death Valley.  I had a client to see in Cottonwood Arizona, so I got an early start from California, had the meeting and was coming home at 11,500 feet just past Las Vegas, about over Pahrump. I looked out the left window and thought about how I still hadn’t visited Death Valley, and then it occurred to me that I could.  So I sent a text to my wife and one to my daughter that I was going to spend the night in Death Valley and return in the morning.  I circled and waited for a response.  I didn’t know if I could find a payphone on the ground, and I didn’t want to go unless I knew that at least one of them knew what my plan was.  I got a text back from my wife, so down I went, landing in Furnance Creek after circling for photos.

I had my bike with me, so I biked up to Zabriskie Point, which is really all I had time for before it got dark.  I stopped by the campground store for a beer and some food, and I just removed another seat so I could stretch out and sleep in the plane.

Cold March Day with Hot Coffee, Enroute to Arizona
Zabriskie Point from the Air
Moonset over Death Valley
Obligatory photo showing altimeter below sea level

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