Trinity Alps Backpacking

It can be difficult to find a place to backpack on Memorial Day that is snow free, but we called the ranger station in Trinity, and they said the trail into the alps was snow free. So off we went, landing in Weaverville.

Its an exciting place to land because you can only land one way (Runway 36) and the runway isn’t that long at 2,980 feet. The book says not to go around (abort the landing) when you get below 2,600 feet because of rising terrain past the runway.   With a full load, I definitely wanted to come in with a stable approach and get it down on the pavement pretty quickly.

Fortunately there is a shuttle service there and the guy was very friendly.  He took us down to Junction City and then up Canyon Creek to the trailhead.  We a little nervous wondering whether three days later he would actually show up to get us, but he was there right on time to take us back to the plane.

A fine campsite

Pushing over the rock.  I failed.

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