Flight from Grand Canyon to Zion

I love flying but I actually hadn’t planned on this flight. We were doing some adventures in the Grand Canyon and I wanted to drive on ALT 89 up to Zion on some roads I’d never been on. We’d then have to backtrack two hours in a few days time to get our plane at Page to go home to California.

But the mountain bikes wouldn’t fit in our old bike rack and the rental car guy took an early lunch and we couldn’t find him to get a SUV or van. So we left the bikes in the plane and after our Grand Canyon fun we flew to St. George near Zion and rented an SUV there for our bikes.

Whatever. It did make this flight possible which turned out was an amazing and very memorable flight.

Lake Powell
I bet a lot of boaters just pass this by without knowing it is there.
Wow. And it went just as far on the right side of the plane too.
Bryce Canyon

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2 thoughts on “Flight from Grand Canyon to Zion

  1. Hi Ney,

    What’s your secret to taking great photos from the 210? Are you opening the windows or are you using a filter to stop the window glare?

    Best, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,
      I’ve done it all – and the lens hood using the following link is what you want. I used to open the window but with this I don’t need to any longer. I also do post processing to increase the contrast on nearly every shot – I think shooting through the atmosphere just tends to dull things a bit, especially in the summer. Actually not sure the link is exactly what I have but very similar. – Ney

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