Calf Creek Falls, Escalante

After our slot canyon journey we spent an enjoyable night at the Escalante pilot’s shelter and even took showers in the pilot’s lounge. If you fly a small plane, Escalante should be on your list. The pilot’s shelter is an especially fine spot to spend an evening or two and was built by volunteers through the Recreational Aviation Foundation. These guys get stuff done so its an organization I’m happy to support. Thanks!

Calf Creek Falls, just up the road a bit near Boulder Utah, has been on my list for many years but the cool adventures down Hole-in-the-rock road kept pulling me back there. This year I did it, and was impressed. Wow, what a thoroughly enjoyable hike!

I would have liked to include a few photos of the flight back home but I tend to not take many photos (or any photos) when I have passengers onboard because I prefer that they don’t throw up in my plane.

Truly, I typically will maneuver around sometimes banking steeply to get photos and I don’t really want to make any uncomfortable. Plus it may appear I’m focused more on taking a photo that I am controlling the plane so I figure when people are on board I’ll be a pilot, not a photographer.

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