Escalante – Adventure Town

The flight from Bryce Canyon was short and oddly turbulent, given the winds were not that strong. Later they would be ripping so I was very glad to be on the ground.

Escalante is a great little town and must be what Moab was about 30 years ago. There are more outfitters, restaurants and even an ATV/Jeep rental place since the last time I visited, but it still is not overrun with tourists (like us).

The airport is absolutely awesome – everything you need for some great adventuring. There is a lounge and shower which is great – but the best is the pilot’s shelter built by the Recreational Aviation Foundation. I was so impressed that after my last visit I signed up for recurring donations to the RAF ( The shelter includes shade, a table, fridge, stove, water, etc. I shouldn’t make too big a deal out of it because it is very nice to have with no one else around.

Transportation is an issue. The last time I was here I used a bike and before that a shuttle service. This time my son and I rented a jeep. It was expensive but it allowed us to visit quite a few sites in one day and also drive with some speed out Hole-in-the-Rock road which is a true beater with bad ruts and washboarding. The slot canyons we visited this time, Spooky and Peek-a-boo, were about 25 miles out.

This gets VERY narrow and the brim to my hat wouldn’t fit.
The crux in Spooky. Kind of a hard scramble over upper blocks, or I think maybe you can tunnel through.
A single flower in Devil’s Garden (also the name of a great new restaurant in Escalante)
In a race to get the jeep back on time we struggled and finally found these.
An old Uranium mine up a 4×4 road. Unfortunately, I never saw my son again.
The jeep next to the rental car I had to abandon the last time I was here.
Escalante Airport with shelter in back

3 thoughts on “Escalante – Adventure Town

  1. Good to see someone else loves Escalante… what a great place to jump off for an adventure. I was there last weekend doing a motorcycle ride. Did you notice they have your book ins the pilots lounge??

    1. I didn’t notice my book, that would have been fun to see. Nice photos. Looks like you went high (trees, Powell Point) and not low (Hole-in-the-Rock) So someone broke their leg, had screws inserted, and was back just using crutches and no cast of any kind? Is that how it works now? Anyway great trip.

      1. We did almost all 100 miles of the Aquarius Plateau (highest forrested plateau in North America, topping out at 11,328ft) from Torrey to Powell Point to Escalante. Then Lake Powell via Smoky Mtn Road. Brilliant country! And yes the Dr. told him after he set the rod in his femur, he was 100% weight bearing and only pain would determine ability to walk 🙂

        Love you website! I fly a Cherokee 235-

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