Escalante – Adventure Town

The flight from Bryce Canyon was short and oddly turbulent, given the winds were not that strong. Later they would be ripping so I was very glad to be on the ground.

Escalante is a great little town and must be what Moab was about 30 years ago. There are more outfitters, restaurants and even an ATV/Jeep rental place since the last time I visited, but it still is not overrun with tourists (like us).

The airport is absolutely awesome – everything you need for some great adventuring. There is a lounge and shower which is great – but the best is the pilot’s shelter built by the Recreational Aviation Foundation. I was so impressed that after my last visit I signed up for recurring donations to the RAF ( The shelter includes shade, a table, fridge, stove, water, etc. I shouldn’t make too big a deal out of it because it is very nice to have with no one else around.

Transportation is an issue. The last time I was here I used a bike and before that a shuttle service. This time my son and I rented a jeep. It was expensive but it allowed us to visit quite a few sites in one day and also drive with some speed out Hole-in-the-Rock road which is a true beater with bad ruts and washboarding. The slot canyons we visited this time, Spooky and Peek-a-boo, were about 25 miles out.

This gets VERY narrow and the brim to my hat wouldn’t fit.
The crux in Spooky. Kind of a hard scramble over upper blocks, or I think maybe you can tunnel through.
A single flower in Devil’s Garden (also the name of a great new restaurant in Escalante)
In a race to get the jeep back on time we struggled and finally found these.
An old Uranium mine up a 4×4 road. Unfortunately, I never saw my son again.
The jeep next to the rental car I had to abandon the last time I was here.
Escalante Airport with shelter in back

2 thoughts on “Escalante – Adventure Town

  1. Good to see someone else loves Escalante… what a great place to jump off for an adventure. I was there last weekend doing a motorcycle ride. Did you notice they have your book ins the pilots lounge??

    1. I didn’t notice my book, that would have been fun to see. Nice photos. Looks like you went high (trees, Powell Point) and not low (Hole-in-the-Rock) So someone broke their leg, had screws inserted, and was back just using crutches and no cast of any kind? Is that how it works now? Anyway great trip.

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