The Bahama Experience

After the Norman’s Cay adventure Graeme heads home via a commercial flight but Mark and I stay for a few more days and experience more of the Bahamas. One day we head out via jet skis to an outer reef / marine sanctuary to snorkel, then in the afternoon we drive into Nassau proper to experience being a full-on tourist.

One jet ski has an anchor while the other trails – perfect for snorkeling.

There are five cruise ships docked in the port and we walk around looking in the shops and watching people. We can’t help it, we are lured into Senor Frog’s Mexican Cantina for Americanized Mexican food and margaritas and there we see two drunk American girls dancing on the tables at 5:00 in the afternoon.  OK, this definitely seems like spring break Bahamas. Though full disclosure here, I once got very drunk at the original Senor Frog’s Cantina in Mazatlán, Mexico on a trip there during high school (1970s) . However I don’t remember dancing on the tables.

You can see a scuba diver in the background also checking this guy out
To be frank, I had to take a potty break while motoring to a snorkeling area. When I turned around to get back on the jet ski, I saw this.

The next day Mark and I do some rough-water jet skiing out to an island where the snorkeling was fantastic. In fact there were no less than four dive boats out there, so it definitely seems to be the place to dive while in Nassau. In the afternoon we find ourselves at the Old Fort Bay Club beach, an exclusive nearly perfect beach where we watch massive yachts motor by (Massive! Awed by this one: Invictus) and also start to discuss our strategy for flying the Cessna home. The weather in the middle of the US has not settled down at all – it is going to be a challenge.

Some food, some drink, a nap, a swim. Repeat. Pretty nice place.

Next post in the adventure: The Perfect Plan: Bahamas to Oklahoma

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