Night Flight

My plane is back in the air after an annual, three reworked cylinders and a reworked turbo controller – almost fourth months total. So after three test flights I headed down to San Luis Obispo to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend in order to come up and see her Granddad Michael, who had fallen ill and was in the hospital.

It was a nice spring flight, evident by the numerous bugs on the wings and windscreen, but also because of the vibrant green hills. Or at least the part of the hills facing away from the sun. Even at this early spring date of March 30, the sun had baked the south facing aspects brown. Within a month most of the low lying hills will be brown until next winter’s rain.

The sun set on the way back and I realized it has been quite a while since I’ve had a nice quiet, calm flight over the lights of the central valley. Beautiful.

1 thought on “Night Flight

  1. Sarah Crovitz April, 2019 — 10:04 pm

    As always, your photos are magnificent … especially the green hills! Glad to hear you are back up in the air.

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