My “I’m Alive” Flying to Alaska Adventure

Ney Brooks (Large)
Brooks Range

There is nothing like a serious health scare to make you think about the things you’ve done in your life and what you would still like to do.  It did remind me that I had, so far in my life, not flown my plane up to Alaska.  Heck, I have flown all around the west coast and even wrote a book about it, but not to Alaska.  If the diagnosis was bad I wouldn’t have all that much time and I’d take off and fly immediately north.

It turns out the health scare was just a scare but my wife Bets said, “you have a window of opportunity this summer – just go do it and get it off your list”.  So I ordered a satellite phone, expedited delivery.  I also scoured eBay and Craigs list for a used folding kayak and found one in Washington. I told the surprised sellers to keep it for me and I’d fly in and pick it up shortly.

I wanted to fly the coastal route up and within a few days a weather window was set to open on the coast of Canada and Alaska.  So in flurry of activity of packing and buying freeze-dried food, I flew away.  North.

Over the next month I’ll post my trip as it unfolded.  First a kayaking trip in Prince William Sound then a flight north to backpack in the Brooks Range above the Arctic Circle.

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3 thoughts on “My “I’m Alive” Flying to Alaska Adventure

  1. Maurice Gunderson July, 2016 — 5:22 pm

    Ney, I’m very happy that you’re OK, and also that you’re flying North. If you get to Kodiak, where I was born, please send pics! Maurice.

  2. Looking forward to read your posts for this adventure. Flying up North is in my list too. Enjoy your trip and stay safe.

  3. Live in Northern Alaska 20 years and made the trip over the Brooks range every year. You won’t be disappointed… have a safe trip!

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