Flight to Alaska Day Nine, A Magical Moment in the Brooks

Ney Brooks (Large)
This looks like a peaceful, awe inspiring moment. And it was.

I suppose you can easily tell the passage of time during the night by how far the sun travels across the horizon.  For me it was a little disorienting so I’m glad I had a watch so I knew when “morning” was.  I started the day on the banks of the Anaktuvuk river in the bright sun, ate some oatmeal for breakfast and then hiked upstream a ways.  Then I turned up a tributary toward high ground to climb some of the nearby peaks. I like peaks.

Brooks flower (Large)
Tundra flower

After climbing a lower peak and identifying a good high peak to climb the next morning, I just sat in a high saddle, with a nice breeze to keep the bugs off with a forever-view of the Brooks. I stared at the view for a bit and read my kindle for a bit.  It was one of those magical moments and I’m glad there was a rock I could balance my camera on to get a photo.  It didn’t last though, as the clouds got lower and lower and finally turned the forever-view into a two-foot view.  And darn cold.  I went to bed, read some more and listened to the drizzle on the bivy sack. The unzipped bivy sack. Also a pretty fine moment.

Brooks clouds (Large)
Clouds sweeping in.

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