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Flying to Alaska Day 16, Home!!

August, 2016

Yaaa! After clearing US Customs in Oroville Washington, I do a long, hot, bumpy 4.5 hour flight.  Going higher and smoother means a headwind, lower ground-speed, a landing for fuel and most importantly, a missed dinner.  So I put up with the bumps and eventually I touch down in Placerville, grab a few things from the plane and head home for dinner with Betsy and the dogs. Sweet!

It was a fantastic trip and for doing relatively little planning it worked out exceptionally well. I flew the coastal route up, went sea kayaking, had a stunning flight north past Denali and the Arrigetch Peaks, went backpacking in the Brooks Range (a dream of mine) and then flew the inland route home. With a few little adventures thrown in. Just awesome!

Alaska map



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  1. Allan Ramsay permalink
    September, 2016 3:53 pm

    Welcome home, Ney. It was wonderful reading about your trip and adventures. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do it.



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