New Book: Fifty Destinations for Pilots – Epic Adventures and Romance

Hey faithful readers,

I wrote a book! Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots: Epic Adventures, Romance and Outdoor Fun in the Western USA

It is available at

Cover (Large)

So what is in the book?

It is more of a coffee table book than a guidebook. It is large format, 8.5 x 11” in full color with lots of photos. Yes, many photos are already in the blog but there are many new ones.

Many of the adventures are in the blog too, but it was much harder than expected to take the blog content and make a book out it. As a result I think you’ll find it is quite different than the blog in many ways. For one I had four rounds of editing so my spelling is much better and commas are now in the right place.

So far I’ve had great reviews from those that have seen preview copies.  Flying Magazine said, “we don’t do books” but when they saw it they put it in their December gift guide issue and were calling it, “The Ultimate Adventure Guide”.  Unfortunately they cut the 6 page gift guide to 4 pages and my book got cut.  So that was disappointing but I am working on articles with some magazines so I hope to get some publicity from that.

Again, thank you.

10 thoughts on “New Book: Fifty Destinations for Pilots – Epic Adventures and Romance

  1. Loren Gallagher November, 2014 — 7:06 pm

    Perhaps you should discuss with Zane at He has a ton of faithful subscribers and has a fledgling on-line store. Certainly not the consumer traction that would be available with the larger powerhouse distributors, but a beginning. Safe flying!! Regards, Loren Gallagher (HMT)

  2. Loren Gallagher November, 2014 — 7:17 pm

    Procedurally, type “blog40” into the coupon field? I’ve tried that and message is “coupon does not exist.” Any special instructions?

    Regards, Loren HMT

    1. Thanks Loren. I am talking to Zane about an article on his site. Thanks for the suggestion! – Ney

  3. Sounds wonderful. I ordered one today.



  4. Will there be an electronic version available (pdf, epub, mobi)? Also have you tried talking to stuck mic avcast podcast about being a guest on their show?

    1. No electronic version at the moment. It is 8.5 x 11″ and each page manually laid out with lots of photography. It would likely work on the iPad but only after a lot of work. Since I’m not really sure of the market, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

      Thanks for the stuckmic suggestion. I will do that.

  5. Just received your book. Looks great. I just purchased my first plane, a 1959 182, and of course looking for places to fly. I think your book is perfect for that. Thanks, Russ Jones

    1. Thanks! That is a perfect plane for many of the adventures! Have fun.

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